Interested in learning about all things letterpress?

Public Print is now offering a weekend long intensive workshop to learn everything you need to know about letterpress, foil stamping, and more! This workshop will give you the confidence and understanding you need to start this beautiful craft on your own!

Below is an outline of everything we cover over the two-day intensive and a form to fill out if you're interested!

Course Outline

  • Artwork & File Preperation
  • Platemaking 101
  • Mixing Ink the Pantone Way
  • Material Handling
  • Press Overview, Safety and Hands-on Experince
  • Paper Cutter Overview
  • Overview of Suppliers and Where to Buy Materials

What You'll Learn

Over the course of a weekend we will cover a variety of topics ranging from artwork, press operation, materials, what equipment is needed, and how to get started in letterpress. You will get hands-on experience running the equipment and producing your own artwork so that you can fully understand and experience how everything works.

From setup to final trimming a project we will guide you through the entire process and be there to answer any and all questions. Our goal through this intensive is to create a solid foundation and jumping off point for anyone who takes this course. You should walk away with a good understanding of what’s needed to start printing on your own!

We will be working on 1 print project with artwork provided by you. Some ideas of what to print would be personal stationery, a couple wanting hands-on experience printing their own wedding invitations, business cards, etc. If it goes on paper we can do it. Feel free to get creative!



Overview of day

Begin with talking paper, necessary size, and breaking it down into press sheets.  We will start on the Heidelberg Windmill with Setup 1 and will end day one with Setup 2.


Coffee, Run through the day & Intro to File Prep, Paper and Cutter


Break down paper for your project.


Intro to Windmill & Setup 1


Setup 1




Finish Setup 1 & Intro to Foil


Intro to Foil & Setup 2


Foil Setup 2


Continue with hands-on press experience


Wrap up


Overview of day

Introduce die-cutting and how to lock up a form. We will wrap up setup 3 on day two.


Coffee & Breakfast and Intro to Die-cutting


Setup 3


Setup 3


Final Trim/Scrap & Wrap Up

Ready to dive in?

Let's talk about cost and what's included. Over the course of a day and a half you'll get intensive hands-on experience setting up jobs, running equipment, mixing inks, learning about artwork file preparation, and more! Lunch will be provided on Saturday and breakfast Sunday morning. We can accommodate up to two people in our space at a time so this is great for couples or friends wanting to learn letterpress.

What's included:

  • All materials (ink, paper, etc.)
  • Plates and dies for printing, foil, and die-cutting
  • Lunch on Saturday, Breakfast on Sunday

2 people: $1,800 (total)
1 person: $1,500

Just fill out the form here to get started!

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