Winter/Spring 2021 Wedding Trends: Inspiration for Your Invitations, Colors & More!

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Wedding planning is a time of excitement, anticipation, and intense organization! Brides and couples love picking out all the little details that make their wedding theirs. Of course, this Winter/Spring of 2020 and 2021, thousands of couples across the world have been forced to reimagine their weddings. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way we think about event planning. 

Fortunately, the Winter/Spring of 2021 won’t look like the Spring of this year when most weddings were forced to postpone. This coming year, we’ll be able to continue with our wedding planning, we just need to be thoughtful about the way we go about it. Of course, that doesn’t mean we have to lose all the excitement! 

Let’s take a look at some of the top wedding trends for Winter/Spring 2021 so you can use them to inspire your wedding décor. 

7 Wedding Trends for Winter/Spring 2021 

1. Hopeful Colors

Wedding colors should always represent you and your fiancé, but hopeful, spring-like tones will be more on-trend than ever. We’ve all been through some dark times, whether mentally or through the grief of losing loved ones. Try infusing hopeful colors into your wedding stationery, bouquets, and accents. Look to blush tones, pastels, and greens to bring the dawn of better times to your wedding. 

2. Connection with Nature

One thing lockdown pushed many of us to do is to reconnect with nature! Many of us got out into our gardens and yards, went on nature walks, and perhaps even attended a summer wedding outside. As we are now able to move our weddings back inside, bring nature with you. Add foliage to your table arrangements, your bouquets, and infuse it into your wedding stationery. Foliage accents on stationary is beautiful when added via letterpress printing, which gives you that lightly embossed look – stunning! 

3. Make Your Invitations a Unique Keepsake

Hopefully, we’re all going to look back at the early 20s as a very strange time in our lives! You’re getting married as history is being made – so give your guests a keepsake they can add to their memory boxes and show their children and grandchildren in years to come. It’s not been uncommon in years past to send DIY invites, but it’s worth putting more thought into what you want your guests to receive, especially if you’ve had to cut the guestlist to meet the guidelines where you live. 

Your wedding stationery always serves as a memento for you, but this season couples understand that their wedding is an event. It may be the only event they’ve attended in six months or more! To help make your invitations last, choose letterpress printing as it will ensure your text will be visible even as the invitation ages.

4. Make Your Expectations Clear

Something many couples are embracing this year is to make what they’re expecting of their guests clear, by including an additional card in their invitations or as a “reminder” as the date draws close. This may include things such as whether or not a face mask will be necessary, arrival guidelines so you don’t have to deal with huddles of people, and anyone they should look to for advice. This can be just as beautiful as all the other items in your wedding stationery, especially if you’re going to display it at your venue. 

5. Embrace Tradition

We’re seeing the return of traditional small family affairs all over the world as our ever-growing guestlists have been forced to condense. Many couples are thinking about what sentimental moments they can create for themselves and their families. Try asking your parents, grandparents, and extended family about what traditions they had at their weddings and incorporate them into your wedding. This will bring you closer as a family and allow you to hear some great stories. 

6. Create Experiences

With big parties off the table for now, couples are trending toward creating intimate experiences for their wedding guests. What can you share safely that you and your partner love and bond over? Could you bring in a tarot reader, provide DIY cocktail stations for your tables, sit down to watch your favorite movie, or have a food tasting instead of set meals? The trend this Winter/Spring is to think outside the box! 

7. Encourage Sustainability

We all remember the pictures of empty streets back in early spring as the pandemic hit, and we as we all hunkered down inside many of us took that time to reflect and dream up ways to reconnect with nature and get back outside. Many couples this Winter/Spring are looking to encourage more sustainability and are choosing all the aspects of their wedding in a planet-friendly way. 

Consider surrounding yourselves with live plants instead of bouquets, get married close to home, serve a locally grown menu to show your guests how delicious a local and sustainable meal can be. If you aren’t concerned about creating long-lasting wedding stationary, choose biodegradable paper and cardstock, with eco-friendly inks. 

This past year has been challenging and unusual for everyone, but the determination, creativity, and ingenuity of so many couples is inspiring. Creativity is always the best way to create something beautiful out of a bad situation, and what better way to show off that creativity than with a fabulous wedding? The biggest wedding trend this year is a return to sharing and celebrating love and relationships with family and friends. Embrace it, and create a wedding that feels like an extension of you and your fiancé.

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