Creating Custom Invitations for a Branded Holiday Party

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April 4, 2022
Joey Gross
Design by:

Hoot Design Company

Hoot Design Company is a creative branding agency based in Columbia, MO focused on building resilient brands that have long-lasting impact. When their client, Veterans United Home Loans, approached them about helping brand their annual holiday party for their more than 5,000 employees, they knew it would be no easy feat. 

Veterans United had a vision to create 28 unique holiday party experiences across multiple weekends and locations.

Enter a complicated invitation situation.

Once Hoot Design Company and the VU marketing team landed on a Wes Anderson inspired “getaway” theme for VU employees, they asked our team to come on board to help invite every employee to the party. 

No design was left behind

Through creative collaboration, we took Hoot’s original designs to create custom passports for all 28 departments at Veterans United. We sourced leather “paper” and used a letterpress technique to brand each passport. Department “markers” were also used to keep passports organized and clearly identifiable. 

Hoot also collaborated on custom work from home postcards, an extensive fictional newspaper, name tags, and event signage.

This attention to detail helps boost company morale and can become an intangible part of your employer brand. Establish your brand as a leader in the market for company culture and invest in high-quality paper goods and invitation suites for your next corporate event.

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