Mohawk Keaykolour First Impressions

Musings of a Printer
November 2, 2020
Joey Gross
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It's always fun as a print shop to experience new papers that companies come out with and Mohawk never lets us down when it comes to creating product lines that really now how to impress. We are honestly a little late to the game here on getting a sample book but we have actually printed a handful of jobs lately where our customers wanted to use this new Keaykolour line and we were so stunned that I decided to order a sample book for Public.

It was definitely a good decision. The packaging alone had us going all heart eyes on it. The box keeps each sample card nice and snug inside and they really went above and beyond with a little velcro closure that creates a really unique experience every time you go to open the sample box. It's those little details that really stick out to us and Mohawk has no shortage of them.

Not only are we hit with a vast array of colors but the paper itself has a really warm texture to it that feels great to the touch, almost like a cotton substrate. As a print shop, it's easy for us to get bogged down trying to track down the right color for our customers, whether we are foil stamping a project or letterpress printing it. We tend to really have to dig around on the internet and our sample books to find a line that makes sense for the job and sometimes that requires buying from several different companies and paper manufactures. Luckily Mohawk has a made a one-stop-shop in this new Keaykolour line and I'd be surprised if it didn't offer a color we needed. \\

The true test came to how well it handles our print methods which is primarily letterpress and foil stamping. The answer is beautifully. Again this isn't always the case with some paper stocks, some handle foil better than others but the new Keaykolour line handles foil really well, there's no picking or dead spots and it looks really crisp.

All in all we are very impressed with the new line and hope to continue to sell our customers on it as much as we can. Mohawk never disappoints when it comes to their design and innovation and the new Keaykolour line is no exception to that. We always appreciate creativity and that goes for the actually paper just as much as the design being printed on it.

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