Making an Impression with your Custom Letterpress Business Card

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Making an impression with your custom letterpress business card.

Any professional organizational has one. They’re small yet sleek. They can make a big statement if they’re done correctly. The business card dates back all the way to the 17th century in Europe, and now you’ll hardly find a professional organization or a career man/woman without one. Business cards have become integral to the professional scene, and this is everything you need to know about how to order one that’ll make an impression at first glance.

A quick history of the business card

When they were first invented, business cards were used by the elite to announce their arrival home or to local towns. They were small cards (about the size of playing cards) engraved with gold or other typefaces. Over time, they became more common place. By the 19th century, the middle class had quickly adopted them. The industrial revolution made the exchange of personal contact information essential, and that’s how they became adopted into business settings.

How to ensure you order a business card you love

There are a few key elements to business cards (which will be reviewed below), but before you begin your design, start by reflecting on what is most important to you. Your business card represents who you are and your brand. Unlike printing flyers off of a computer, getting them printed requires a specialized order. This means that you have the opportunity to not only make it fun but to truly make it reflect who you are and to invest in yourself or your company.

Key elements of a business card

  1. Font: You’ll want to ensure that the font that you select is readable but also reflects your individual style.
  2. Color: Depending on your line of work and industry, you may want to get creative with the color you use on your business card. Try to keep the coloring simple and opt for fewer colors rather than too many.
  3. Size: Decide the size of the text and graphics on your card. Ensure that your text is readable even for people with vision problems while still fitting all the necessary information on your card.
  4. Logo/graphic: If you have a logo or special graphic for yourself or your business, display it on your card!
  5. Information: Make sure you include important information on your card such as name, contact number, email address, URL, social media, address, slogan, etc.
  6. Special finishes: This is where you can truly make your card special. When you customize your card, you can opt for luxury paper and any special finishes that may appeal to you. These include foil stamping and letterpress that allow you to differentiate your business card from others with added effects to the text.

Your business card is a time for you to get creative. Don’t hesitate to look at all the options available to you and shop around before deciding on the design you want. The best source for specialty effects, custom designs, and luxury paper are local print shops as they have a wide range of resources and dedicated materials. Unlike online stores that provide cheap options for business cards, they’ll provide you with a truly customized experience and numerous options for your design.

Final thoughts

Interested in ordering premium business cards that are sure to make a stellar first impression? Get in touch with Public Print Co. for custom designs. Choosing a local, high-end print shop for your business cards is the best way to ensure that you end up with a product you love. Feel free to reach out to us to inquire about getting your own luxury business cards - Contact

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