Artwork and File Preparation.

Our favorite way to receive files is vector-based Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or PDFs saved from Adobe Illustrator. Before you save your files please outline all the fonts in the document because we may not have all the same fonts on our computers that you have and they will show up as missing. Please avoid using .jpg or .png files in the artwork because they won’t translate during the platemaking process. The software to make the film to for the plates will only read vector files or .TIFF files saved as spot colors. If you are printing all black you can save the file using 100% K for the artwork. If you are using colors you can use the Pantone Solid Uncoated color book in Illustrator. That’s the book we mix our inks from in the shop and will guarantee the best match. A disclaimer: colors on screen are never as they appear in the physical Pantone book in person.

Line thickness and dot diameters - this is important!

This is probably the most important part to creating artwork that will work for letterpress and foil. Lines should have a thickness of at least .35 in order to show up on the plate and not wash away. This includes type. There are a lot of serif fonts out there with hairline curves that will wash out during the platemaking process. Dots should have a diameter of 1.25 in order to show up on the plate. This includes dots above “I’s and periods. It also includes any elements in the artwork that are dots.If any of these elements are undersized there is a risk of them not showing up at all on the plate which means they won’t show up in the print.

Here’s a list of our services and capabilities:

Here are print materials we specialize in:

Somethings to note:

We can’t do everything in-house but we are well versed and well connected to shops that can handle more intricate bindery and finishing work. Don’t hesitate to ask us even if you think it may be out of our wheelhouse.

Let’s create some beautiful print and unique paper products and stationery together.

We understand that this stuff can be intimidating and we may not have the answers to all of your questions on this page. We are here to help you through the process to make sure the end product you get in your hands is just how you imagined it.

We have combined 10+ years of experience in design and print so we can definitely help educate you on the process. We want this to be a smooth process from start to finish. If you have questions, concerns, or just need a quote. Please visit our contact page and we will promptly respond back. There’s no robots or automated messages here, just two guys that love print and people.


Can you print full color or 4-color process?

The short answer is no, but the long answer is we can have things digitally or offset printed and then we can do a variety of treatments to it. The downside is, digital and offset presses can’t handle heavyweight cover stocks like our old machines can so we are limited there.

Can you cut this weird shape?

Yes, we probably can. We have the ability to die-cut just about any shape, it’s just a matter of getting a line art PDF of the shape and getting a die-cutting die made.

What's the difference between emboss and deboss/letterpress?

Great questions. So an emboss is a raised surface on the paper and involves a metal die and a counter die, the paper gets smashed between the two to create a raised print. Deboss or letterpress is pushing type and art into the paper which creates that lovely letterpress look we all know and love.

Can you print or foil stamp on pre-converted boxes?

We can’t. The reason is the presses are essentially a “clamshell”, so lids and box will get smashed in the equipment. It’s better for us if we can start with flat boxes and then convert.

Can you print bags, coffee bags, retail bags, envelopes, etc?

We can! Unlike rigid boxes, bags have more give and flexibility and it’s the same with envelopes.

What is your turn around time?

Typically we tell our customers 7-10 business from the time we have final press-ready artwork.

Can we come visit your shop?

Absolutely! Just set up an appointment online, through email, or call us. We’d love to meet you and talk about your projects.

Can you laser cut paper?

Yep! Believe it or not, it won’t catch on fire. We work with a laser cutter here in Kansas City that can cut intricate detail which is good for when artwork is too intricate for die-cutting work.